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Mr. Mount uses film clips and visual media to illustrate and entertain when speaking. Following are suggested topics reflecting his breadth of detailed, first hand expertise; proposed subject matter is listed. All may be modified so that each event has a unique, fresh, stand-alone speech that is challenging, enlightening, inspiring, memorable and consistent with the messaging needs of your organization.


Building, Rescuing and Growing Companies

- Turning brainstorms into companies

- The discipline and details of the start-up

- Crisis management: rescuing a company in trouble

- Structuring and managing the Board of Directors

- Restoring profit to the company


Human Resource Challenges

- Structuring and hiring superior management

- Solving business and creative differences among employees

- Cultivating leadership instincts within the company

- Addiction in the workplace

- Handling the public relations crisis

- Nurturing loyalty among employees


Professional and Personal Growth

- Learning to exceed your expectations

- Strategies for selling your ideas, plans, and product

- Creating strong brand identity

- Maximizing the corporate impact of marketing

- Embracing new technology in a digital future


Media, Hollywood and the Global Information Revolution

- Running a worldwide studio- Comedy in film

- Appealing to the global imagination

- Music and its impact on our lives

- Digital media shaping our future

- Producing Broadway hits


Inside the Making Of:

   This series focuses on the true drama, business dynamics, inspiration, luck, and surprises of      

    Hollywood blockbuster films. Some of these include:

Smokey & the Bandit


Animal House


Deer Hunter

The Blues Brothers

Bull Durham


Up Close and Personal:

   This series focuses on the excitement, risks, humor and drama of intimate professional    

   relationships Mr. Mount developed. Some of these people include:


Lew Wasserman

Roman Polanski

Alfred Hitchcock

Richard Pryor

Paul Newman

Sydney Lumet

Robert Redford

Willie Nelson

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